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Panama Hat in Brisa Weave with Custom Hatband

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SGD 350.00 (exc. gst)
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*Last 4 pieces remaining in medium size (57cm or 7 1/8 hat size). Llano weave still available in M-XL sizes!

Panama hats are the ultimate summer headwear. Lightweight with a breathable weave and a brim wide enough to shield your eyes from the sun, Panama hats function great - and look even better. 

The Brisa (literally meaning breeze) weave is a fresco-style open weave and makes for a more breathable, cost efficient hat compared to our Llano hat. For hat junkies, this is technically described as a "Brisa Fino" in grade 7-8. We have picked this grade to strike a balance between form, function and price - hats that are too fine are beautiful, but less breathable and cost substantially more. 

Customise your hats by picking your own hatband made from our range of exquisite necktie fabrics. Unlike most hatbands that are glued on, or attached with a simple hook mechanism, our hatbands are sewn down to the hat by hand in six positions to ensure they never come off. 

Our Panama hats are handwoven in Ecuador by Homero Ortega, a fifth generation family-run business. Each hat ships in a white cardboard carrier box printed with our Vanda logo in blue. 

** Please note that hats will be shipped by registered airmail only. Courier delivery is possible, but very expensive (S$100+) due to volumetric weight of the hat boxes, and will be quoted on a case-by-case basis. Please send us an email us for specific inquiries.