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Our meticulously hand rolled pocket squares are individually cut and sewn by hand. We are often told by clients that our exquisite hand rolled edges are unrivalled in fineness and density. From the most conservative white linen squares to the tasteful selection of kimono silks, we have something for everyone.
Zodiac Horse Zodiac Horse

Zodiac Horse

$61.00 USD

Zodiac Ox Zodiac Ox

Zodiac Ox

$61.00 USD

Zodiac Monkey (OOS) Zodiac Monkey (OOS)

Zodiac Monkey (OOS)

$61.00 USD
Sold Out

Zodiac Snake Zodiac Snake

Zodiac Snake

$61.00 USD

Zodiac Pig Zodiac Pig

Zodiac Pig

$61.00 USD

Zodiac Dragon Zodiac Dragon

Zodiac Dragon

$61.00 USD

Zodiac Rat Zodiac Rat

Zodiac Rat

$61.00 USD

Zodiac Goat Zodiac Goat

Zodiac Goat

$61.00 USD

Zodiac Dog Zodiac Dog

Zodiac Dog

$61.00 USD

Zodiac Tiger Zodiac Tiger

Zodiac Tiger

$61.00 USD

Zodiac Rooster Zodiac Rooster

Zodiac Rooster

$61.00 USD

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